Herman Kills! wins at Tokyo horror festival


Herman Kills! Has won the Award for BEST HORROR FEATURE and Aus Greidanus Sr. was nominated for BEST ACTOR for the film at BLOODSTAINED INDIE FILM FESTIVAL 2021 in Tokyo.

The audience loved the dark comedy about Herman, an aging alcoholic, who wants a comfortable life in prison, but can’t even get arrested despite killing criminal after criminal, and praised the uniqueness of the film and the great characters.

Herman is a clinically depressed alcoholic who needs professional help. His daughter Nathalie tries to fight his case with the institutions that are supposed to provide this help, but without success. A desperate Herman convinces himself that jail is the only place where he will be cared for without becoming a burden to his daughter. He kills a local criminal, but when he tries to confess, the police don’t believe him. Herman searches for a second victim and a third…What does a man have to do to get arrested around here?

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